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Nepal volunteer programs list of top 5 best volunteer programs in Nepal

What are the best volunteer programs in Nepal

Nepal volunteer programs are organized to help the community directly. Your effort helps to make the world better place to live then why not you to participate in volunteer program in Nepal. Going on a trip to Nepal has a lot of benefits to it. Not only do you get to see the magnificent sceneries in that place, but you also get to experience a lot of more. For instance, there are tons of volunteering programs in Nepal that you can participate in. Without further ado, here are some of the best volunteer programs in Nepal.
Here is the list of best volunteer programs Nepal for high school and college students.
1: Teaching English at community school
Teach English at community school or Buddhist monk is the highly rewarded volunteer activity, where you can spray the knowledge in between community. Believe it or not, teaching is one of the most exciting volunteering activities you can partake in. After all, it is a well-known fact that the field of education is not adamant in this place. As such, you will have an excellent time imparting knowledge to the students. Even the Buddhist monks take an interest in this, making it all the more enjoyable. We provide you teach English volunteer opportunity year round.
2: Volunteer in organic farm
Volunteer in an organic farm popularity increasing day by day. In this activity, the volunteer will spend time participating in sustainable agricultural activities like cultivation, harvesting, land preparation, plantation and other seasonal works. You can help the organic growers of Nepal in their daily activities like milking, ploughing, feeding the farm animals, prepare compost and bio-gas and so on. We do provide organic farm volunteer program in community base organic farm where you can work and familiar with local.
3: Volunteer with children’s
Another one of the top volunteer programs in Nepal happens to be working in the children homes. Most of these are orphanages where you will get the opportunity to interact with them, play with, and teach them new things and so on. Basically, the idea is to interact as much as possible, and if you like doing that, then this is the best volunteer job in Nepal for you. Now we provide volunteer with children at community school also where you can teach and care take the children of back warded community.
4: Cultural exchange programs
A place like Nepal is incredibly diverse in terms of culture and heritage. Each separate region in this area has its own standards and ways of practices. You will get an opportunity to learn all of those practices and experience them for yourself. You will also get to interact with the local people and tell them about your own cultural practices. It is one of the best opportunities to know the real image of Nepali culture, arts and tradition etc.
5: Construction volunteer work
Building programs also fall under several of the volunteer programs in Nepal. You will get an opportunity to repair or entirely construct new facilities and infrastructures from scratch. All the work you do will be alongside the local people. We do provide construction work opportunity in community building projects. This is not only a boost for your overall experience but also your CV in general.
Nepal volunteer programs offered by the various organizations are many. Here is the list of most popular volunteer programs Nepal selected according to the reviews and the resent trends of volunteer work like by the volunteers. We are local volunteer organization Nepal; if you interested to participate in kind of volunteer program Nepal let us to know. We are always happy to provide you life changing opportunity.