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HIV AIDS awareness public health volunteer opportunities Nepal

HIV AIDS awareness public health volunteer opportunities

HIV AIDS awareness volunteer program is a public awareness volunteer program designs to aware the community about global crisis HIV AIDS. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a very dangerous disease which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. This virus is very dangerous because even today the shape of the virus is unknown and hence proper medicines to combat the disease are no discovered to date. But as of now various medications are prepared which fights with the virus for the temporary time being and increases the life span of the person but still cannot save the person. There is various ways through which the disease can be spread. Mainly direct sexual contact can spread the disease or otherwise can be spread by direct blood contact in any way. The Proper preventive measure should be taken to prevent the disease.
Some of the preventive measures are as follows; Syringes should be disposed of after single use. Sexual contact should be avoided strictly, save sex, preventing mother to child transfusion, safe blood transfusion technique and use condoms during sexual intercourse. Surveys detected HIV infections among sexually transmitted infection patients and female sex workers throughout most regions in Nepal. With the increased rate of migration, trafficking within and across the country, child labor and injecting drug users, the HIV/AIDS rate will only go up. Various public health volunteer opportunities Nepal programs are launched to spread the awareness for prevention of AIDS. National AIDS Control society has undertaken various projects to control the spread of the HIV virus. This particular society has set up various health care centers where experienced doctors are appointed to guide the people and protect them from the disease. The health care centers not only spread awareness but also they are appointed to find the number of people who are affected by the particular disease.
These centers are running successfully and to some extent the program has been successful. HIV AIDS awareness volunteer or public health volunteer opportunities are appointed to make people aware of the disease. Not only this, these volunteers made sure that the affected people are not neglected. There is a common misconception that AIDS is a communicable disease, but actually this is a different case. To make the common people aware of the disease volunteers are appointed and to discover the cause of spreading the disease in a particular area and then to eliminate the cause. We invite entire volunteers to participate HIV AIDS awareness public health volunteer program on world aids day to distribute condoms in society. It is necessary to raise the vow together ‘stop aids crisis and eradicate the curse of human being’. If you interested for international public health volunteer Nepal or HIV AIDS awareness opportunities abroad fell free to contact us.