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Where to volunteer in Nepal find most trusted local organization Nepal

Where to volunteer in Nepal find most trusted local organization Nepal

Where to volunteer in Nepal? Of course, there are unlimited options available to volunteer in Nepal. The best place to volunteer in Nepal is Kathmandu, Chitwan as well as Pokhara. Popularity of village volunteering also increasing these days, volunteers go to help the community and work in remote villages of Nepal.
Village volunteer programs are available in the villages in Nepal. Volunteers get the opportunity to stay with the local people in the villages at hosts’ family house. They can learn participate different daily activities as a cultural exchange program, teach the community children’s, sustainable farming, construction work etc.
These volunteer projects Nepal available throughout the year. Though volunteer programs are obtainable at various locations, Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are the main places to volunteering in Nepal now days. All programs offer by the associations are aimed at providing education and community training to promote social justice and equality.

Check list of volunteer in Nepal programs

1: Teaching English at community school
2: Volunteer in an organic farm
3: Volunteer with children’s at children home
4: Cultural exchange programs
5: Construction volunteer work

Wide range of volunteer projects are available in Nepal and they include English teaching, childcare, construction, sustainable farming, village volunteer programs, healthcare volunteering, environmental volunteering, school painting and many other projects.
Local community of Nepal welcomes volunteers from other countries to work study and volunteer in Nepal. Those who take up volunteering in Nepal are overwhelmed with the warmth and cordiality from the local people of Nepal.
The volunteers can participate in various community projects at different locations in Nepal. Volunteers can choose projects of short duration as well as long duration. The duration of the projects vary from 2 weeks to 4 months. I think now you are clear about where to volunteer in Nepal. if you have still confusion write us. We are local volunteer organization in Kathmandu always happy to provide you volunteer opportunities as per the requirements and sector of interest.