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When is the best time to go for volunteer in Nepal, Kathmandu

Best time to go for volunteer in Nepal

Are you planning to visit Nepal for volunteering purposes? If so, it is obvious that you would wonder about the best time to go for volunteer in Nepal. For the individuals who are aspiring to travel for doing good to mankind, Nepal will be the appropriate choice as the destination. You can stand assured that you will get ample opportunities to satisfy your aspiration for philanthropic work. For volunteering in Nepal experience summer and winter are consider the best time of the year to travel.
The best part of the year to visit Nepal for volunteering works
When is the best time for volunteer in Nepal? Well, the answer to this question is pretty straight forward. Speaking in a generic tone, the best time to
Volunteer in Nepal will be the spans between the months of March and April as well as between September & October. The climate stays pleasant during these parts of the year and favors the foreign nationals. However, depending on the specific program that you choose, the schedule is likely to change as per the program timetable.
According to our experience with the other volunteer they come to stay with us after march to may and September to December. In the best time volunteer go to visit the different trekking routs or for tours program. When they back from the adventure activity they spend some time in community before back home.
Another best time for volunteer in Nepal is the summer season. many people come from around the world to participate in community service opportunities. We organize summer volunteer program with some 1 or 2 weeks trekking, tours, sightseeing program also as per the demand.
In case you are unable to adjust your time as per the program timetable, you can certainly visit this beautiful country and do some significant community works, during the course of your vacation trip. Fortunately, various volunteer programs run across the country, throughout the year and you can pick one, depending on its cause, your interest as well as its suitability with your convenient times.
What are the various types of volunteering programs to participate in Nepal?
The choices in this regard are extensive and you can certainly pick a program that suits your areas of interest. Nepal is still recovering from the curses of the devastating earthquake that affected the country in April 2015. As on date, the major focus for the volunteering works lies in these areas of reconstruction. In addition, there are programs that revolve around the restoration of nature, doing good to animals, services to the underprivileged, as well educational and other community services.
Do you know when is the best time to go for volunteer in Nepal; let’s go to be a volunteer in Nepal now; check available volunteer job vacancies in Nepal.
Some best volunteering in Nepal programs

  1. Volunteer with children’s orphanage
  2. Teaching English at community school
  3. Cultural exchange programs
  4. Volunteer in organic farm
  5. Construction volunteer work

Participation in volunteering works will enable you to explore a new dimension and orientation of life. As you participate in these projects, you can make the most productive use of your efforts, money, and time. The satisfaction in participating these activities will make you more respectable to the society and to your own eyes. Nepal is a heavenly-beautiful country and this country will reciprocate your contribution in her favor with pride memories of touring. Hence, you are assured to get the sweetest value for your time, efforts, and money.
I think now you are clear about the best time for volunteer in Nepal, if you interested to contribute your effort in community write us. We do provide you volunteer opportunities in Nepal year round.