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About volunteer organizations

About volunteer organizations Nepal
VFN is a Nepal based non-profit, non-government, non-religious, non-political organizations registered under office of the company registrar and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal. Organizations contribute the efforts directly in affected area all over Nepal; where there is a voluntary help and support require. We make a team of professionals in different area like society development workers, educationalists, sociologist, journalist, lawyer, professors, graduate students and other relief work and travel expert to promote the voluntarism in Nepal. Organization make good relationship between Nepali people and foreign volunteers that help to uplift the life standard of back warded people in community differently.
Volunteer organization focuses its activities on the progress of disadvantaged, marginalized, orphans, war affected, handicapped, rural & poor people, needy children, women and uneducated people, organization play the role of facilitator for sustainable development by utilizing local resources. We mobilize national, international volunteers and locals into the sectors of environment, health, education, agriculture, human rights, reformation and progress of the community. The aim of mobilizing these volunteers is to empower local people and raise awareness with a development strategy to help local people directly, through the various aid programs.
Our project runs several research programs to determine exactly what it is, that rural Nepali people need, as well as examine the subtle differences in each of the many social and ethnic groups to help them effectively. The organizations is active in the social, economic, cultural development of the society to serve more targeted population in various areas of Nepal. Our volunteer organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal volunteers contact directly to get the world class services and opportunities to volunteering in Nepal on affordable cost. If you need more information about organization or would like to contribute your effort, skills, time and energy in society; you are always welcome to participate in the life changing experience volunteer in Nepal.