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Teach English in Nepal

Teach English in Nepal – Travel to teach Nepal

Come join hands and help small children’s to teach English in Nepal. Teach English Nepal program provides an opportunity to teaching English in community school, institutions, Buddhist Monastery and Nunnery. In today’s era English has almost spread over the entire country. Volunteers are assigned the charity job of teaching. Staying with the people of rural areas helps the volunteers to know what a community exactly is. Many local teachers also assist them in order to make the program easier. Volunteer tutors are mainly experienced and friendly by nature. Thus, children’s get attracted quickly towards them. This indirectly develops a healthy environment that helps to make learning faster. Our volunteers in teaching English projects will work in schools attended by students of poor families in rural villages.
Children of Nepal have started getting basic ideas of English quite at an early age. They may not be so fluent in the language, but learning makes them a bit knowledgeable. This knowledge may even be expanded to a high level if the teachings are done by a native tutor. Getting ideas from natives help in developing a better quality of learning. Various teaching programs like travel to teach Nepal have been initiated with an aim of providing better-skilled knowledge to small children. Teaching English abroad as a volunteer will give you the opportunity to teach students who are eager to learn and improve their abilities in English. Volunteers can teach English either according to official curriculum or using their own material and creative ideas.
Education inequity in between government and private schools of Nepal is the most important social issues of our time. Due to lack of sufficient resources to provide quality education in remote areas of Nepal; we organize tech English Nepal volunteer program all over Nepal to minimize the inequality on education system between rich and poor / urban and remote children’s. We provide you an opportunity to work in remote villages of Nepal where you can teach children’s English language and other core subjects to show them bright future of kids. Teach English in Nepal programs suitable for those who are interested to donating time as a volunteer English teacher. If you need more information about teach English in Nepal fell free to contact us.

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