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How much does it cost to sponsor a child in Nepal with process ideas

Sponsor a child in Nepal

Are you interested to sponsor a child in Nepal? Searching the ideas, process & how much does it cost to sponsor a child in Nepal then we are happy to help you. Sponsor a child in Nepal for education to create a better life for the country’s most vulnerable children. Support a child is rewarding work because Nepal is one of the least developed and the poorest country in the world. The per-capita income of Nepali people is US $240, and more than 40% of Nepali people are illiterate. More than 45% people do not understand the value of education.

Most of the people have no money or resources to eat more than 3 months in a year. Simply they do not have any income, some of them have very low income which even not able to buy for Kerosene (lamp), salt and cooking oil. We do have fact that some of the poor family dies lack of proper treatments. Poverty is one thing, the other side; there are always some natural disasters such as Earthquake, floods and landslides, wild fires etc.

Sometime they even lost all what they have. Most of the people who are very poor and busy with arranging, bread and butter each day, there is no fund of educating their children. Political conflict in the country even make worse with family who lives in the remote areas of Nepal. In Nepal there is not any social security, health insurance and support for education.

Who are seeking your support?

  • Orphan Children’s
  • Financially very poor Children’s
  • Child Labor / Porter
  • Jail Kids
  • Marginalized families Children’s
  • Children who lost their parents or their parents are physically or mentally disable to educate their child.
  • Family abandoned or street children
  • Girl child (Traditionally in rural communities, girl’s education is discouraged and neglected)
  • From underprivileged groups and handicapped physically or mentally.
  • Homeless children

Government announces for free up to high schools level, but those programs are ineffective due to proper guidelines, stable leadership and continuity of the plan. The government free education plan only include school fee (they do not have to pay free for school) but not the rest of the expenses such as their child’s books, copies, pen and pencils, school dress, addition fee, exam free, lunch and other daily expense.

Besides this, these program only apply in government schools. Remote areas of Nepal there is no schools still people staying in darkness without getting the light of education. Even there is, the infrastructure of the schools are very poor such as no benches to sit, no blackboard /whiteboard to read, no water for drinks, no ground for play, no toilet. Conditions of the government school are worst and some of the school even does not have enough experience teachers as well. Another major obstacle is that most of the rural population does not understand the value of education.

Sponsor a child education Nepal

I, Educational support for child: US$ 850 per child per year
Educational support for child program provides an opportunity for child to study in a local private or government school in their home town in Nepal. Private and government schools charge fees for admission, tuition and examinations. In addition there are costs for uniforms, text books and stationery supplies, organization request you to involve in child sponsorship program Nepal.

Educational support program targets underprivileged children who are staying with their parents and live on the lack of basic needs, who are not currently attending school due to the inability of their parents to provide the necessary funds to send them to school. Educating these children will help break the cycle of poverty which many of these families find themselves trapped in. In one single generation we can help raise families currently trapped in a life of poverty up to a higher standard of living, simply by educating one child we can change the lives of generations to come by giving them hope for a brighter future.

II, Full Scholarship: US$1250 per child per year
Full sponsorship program covers everything a child needs. It includes accommodation in our orphanage and a high quality education in a nearby private school where most classes are taught in English. All school text books, uniforms and stationery required for attending the school are covered in full sponsorship program.
At the orphanage, each child is provided with secure shelter, their own bed, three meals a day, clothing and lives among children from a background which is similar to their own. Orphaned, abandoned, homeless, abused, enslaved children (forced child laborers) child Porter, Jail Kids and poor Children’s will benefit from this category of support, organization request you to involve in full child sponsorship program Nepal

III, Partial Sponsorship
Should you want to decide sponsor a child but you are unable to fully support them, you may contribute a smaller amount towards either volunteer program. Along with other partial sponsorship opportunity you will be able to provide partial sponsorship to a child.
We accept computer, cameras, musical instruments, books and school supplies, cloths, toys, indoor games, medicine and more, for orphanage in partial sponsorship program as well, organization request you to involve in partial child sponsorship program Nepal.

Can I meet my sponsored child?
Of course, sponsors receive up-to-date information about your sponsor child periodically including the monitoring report of your child, school reports where possible and photos. Meeting your sponsored child can be the most heartwarming experience. You can come anytime and get together with your sponsored child as well as observe their improved condition. We invite entire volunteers of the world to donate and sponsor a child, if you need more information and interested to sponsor a child fell free write us. Interested local people as well as overseas individuals, organizations, donors, agencies are strongly encouraged for their active involvement in child sponsorship program Nepal.
Let’s get involve in sponsor a child program and support a children to make a healthy and safe environment where children can learn and grow well.