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Sauraha Elephants care volunteer with Elephants Chitwan Nepal

Volunteer with elephants Chitwan Nepal an interesting volunteering project

Volunteer with elephants in Chitwan Nepal can be a great work where volunteer care the largest living land animals Elephant. Elephants are in danger of extinction due to hunting and loss of habitat; Volunteer with Elephants Chitwan Nepalit is very important to protect. This is true that it is one of the best national parks in Nepal where you can find out a variety of wildlife including endanger spices of one horn rhino. However, this can also be considered as one of the best places for the Asian Elephants.

As a volunteer, you will get plenty of opportunities to do volunteering the elephants care project. There are private and government elephants in Chitwan mainly government elephants are used for patrolling and research purposes but private elephants are mostly used for elephant safari. Volunteer with Elephants in Nepal popular between those travelers who interested to work with elephants and know all about elephants.

General duty as a volunteer with Elephants:

In elephant conservation care and research program, you should take care of the amount of food the elephants are getting in the various resorts of Chitwan National Park. Grass is main food of elephants and they also eat leaves, twigs, bamboo, bark, roots, fruit, seeds and flowers. Elephant eat about 250 kg foods and drink 200 liter water each day, an elephant have to keep on eating most of the time because of its poor digestive mechanism. They should get enough amount of food which will help them to get the sufficient amount of nutrients. Elephant care volunteer in Saurahamm chitwan, NeElephant care volunteer got an opportunity to work, feed and clean the habitat of domesticate elephant.

You should take care of the bathing of the elephants also. The elephants will not bathe in the month of winter. You should also take care of the drinking water the elephants are getting. They should get enough amount of water so that they can stay without any problem. When the elephants stay in the resort, you need to take care of some of the things which are related to the care of the elephants. Elephants are domesticated creatures follow the command of mahout gives. During volunteering period you can got an opportunity to have behavioral study of domestic Asian Elephants.
Duty of skilled volunteer:
If you are a skilled volunteer with elephants, then your duty will be to do researchers on the various behaviors of the elephants. You can also do researchers with a chronic disease called elephant tuberculosis which is becoming the cause of the death of plenty of elephants in Nepal. It is necessary to get the permission of the Government of Nepal for doing such researchers. However, if you can fulfill the criteria as a volunteer of animals in Nepal, you will surely get the approval for the same, we are here to help you to volunteer in Nepal.
Paper made of elephant dung:
Elephant dung is used as one of the best materials to make paper. In the elephant sanctuary in Nepal you can work as a volunteer and in your free time you can engage yourself in the research of preparing such papers.
Volunteer with animals in Nepal thus can be an interesting work to do, and you can get plenty of projects for the same. According to Hinduism, Elephants are symbol of good luck and its amazing opportunity to be with this mighty creature. Organization invites school, collage, university students, group, families, gap year and career breakers to participate in Elephant care volunteer program as a volunteer with elephants at elephant sanctuary in Nepal.

Requirements for volunteer with elephants Chitwan

  • Above 16 years
  • Flexibility to adjust in new place culture and environment
  • Be in good health
  • Volunteer travel insurance
  • Be qualified to acquire visa to Nepal

Elephant care volunteer Chitwan elephant sanctuary in Nepal
2 week to 12 weeks
Volunteer with elephant’s placement: Chitwan National park Sauraha
Volunteer with elephants in Chitwan program fees
2 week US$ 350
4 weeks US$ 500 More info
What’s included in given cost?

  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Volunteer placement
  • Meals and Accommodations
  • Orientation in Kathmandu
  • Day sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Pre trip guidance and support
  • Free internet, WiFi service
  • 24 hour support and assistance
  • Certificate of participation

Accommodation and Meals: Host resort provides basic accommodation, 3 meals a day, tea coffee in between.
Time to volunteer with Elephants: Flexible working schedule; 4 – 7 hours a day / 5 – 6 days in a week.
Volunteer training and Support: From your arrival to Nepal 24 hours support is provided by our representative. Some important language instructions, safety tips and cultural knowledge provided before starting voluntary work in Nepal. Volunteer with Elephants Chitwan Nepal experience volunteering with elephants at Elephants sanctuary Nepal.
Note: You need weekly budget up to $ 10 extra to supply your personal expenses like bath soap, laundry, Telephone, mineral water etc.
If you interested for volunteering with Elephants in Chitwan national park Sauraha, Take the opportunity to help the animals volunteering in Nepal.