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Volunteer to teach English at community school Nepal

Opportunities for volunteer to teach English at community school in Nepal

Volunteer to teach English at community schools programs in villages are great opportunity to make a real difference in remote community of Nepal. Teaching is a noble profession. The custom and culture of teaching is not Volunteer to teach English at community school Nepalonly noble but very prestigious and pious. Around the world, different cultures have embraced the art of teaching in a different way. However, in the light of a 21st century and the globalized world, teaching also has turned into a lucrative profession after all it’s a rat-raced world.

If you’re an aspiring teacher, and your subject is English, volunteer to teach English abroad is one prospective option for you. Teaching English volunteer program enables you to explore Nepal as a local. Each community school have their own English subject curriculum so you have to follow their curriculum, if you interested to use your own teaching methodology then you can apply your own.
Volunteer to teach English at community school, because at every level English is the most officially used languages all over the world. The origin of English is actually the amalgamation of many European languages and dialects, such as Italian, French, Spanish, Austrian, etc. Even the colloquial influences have shaped up the modern English we know today. In the event of the Europeans and especially the Englishmen colonizing the most parts of the world.

It left a deep impact on the mode of communication too. As it became the most common language of the world, English is very necessary for office works. Volunteer teaching English will not only emphasize on the skill you have over the language but will also help you to make a nation which is internationally capable of communicating.

Teaching English at Community Schools of Nepal is the closest yet exciting most opportunity that might be knocking at your door. Nepal has to be the third world country and a developing nation that needs a lot of progress in terms of infrastructure and qualification. Learning English means better communication skill that will bridge the gap with other nations and help them establish treaties and bills, that in turn will develop the nation. English is also the language used in computer language. Learning it will enable them understand the computer, execute it and possible program it better.

So Nepal is a state where there is a high demand for English education, and if you are up for some traveling and some thrilling job with nobility, you know the right place for you. Let’s travel to teach Nepal at community school; be a candle to drive away darkness and keep in mind that light is necessary where there is darkness as a teaching English volunteer at community school.

Available teaching English volunteer projects

Volunteer to teach English at community school requirements

  • Above 16 years
  • Flexibility to adjust in new place culture and environment
  • Be in good health
  • Volunteer travel insurance
  • Be qualified to acquire visa to Nepal
  • Prior teaching English experience is desired but not required. You’ll need to have good communication skills in English.

Volunteer to teach English at community school availability
2 week to 12 weeks
Placement locations: all over Nepal – Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara
There are two types of education system in Nepal, the private schools where the medium of teaching is English and governmental school where few subjects are taught in English and rest in Nepali medium. The governmental schools are handled with very less resources and the English Teaching volunteers are always in demand.

Nepal As a touristic country has English second language and the young children in Nepal are trying to learn English language because it is international language in this global world for world trade, commerce and communication. Without knowledge of English language a person in this time not only remains incomplete but opportunities will be severely restricted too. In this way we focus this program to improve the English skill of those children’s who live in remote areas and studying in government school.
Teaching English volunteer program fees
2 week    US$ 230
4 weeks    US$ 370   See More

What’s included in given cost?

  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Volunteer placement
  • Meals and Accommodations
  • Orientation in Kathmandu
  • Day sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Pre trip guidance and support
  • 24 hour support and assistance
  • Government tax
  • Certificate of participation

Accommodation and Meals: Host family provides basic accommodation, 3 meals a day tea coffee in between.
Time to teach English at a community schools: Flexible working schedule; 3 – 4 hours a day / Sunday to Friday.
Volunteer training and Support: From your arrival to Nepal 24 hours support is provided by our representative. Some important language instructions, safety tips and cultural knowledge provided before starting teaching English volunteer Nepal.
Note: You need weekly budget up to $ 10 extra to supply your personal expenses like bath soap, laundry, Telephone, mineral water etc.
If you interested for travel to teach English abroad Nepal at community school do not hesitate to contact us.